The lady in the above picture is Alice Penton, Cliff's sister, who passed away on June 4, 2011 shortly after this picture was taken.  She was always an outdoor person and active in many sports during her younger years, including hunting and fishing with our Dad.  She wanted to do and be active in the club, but due to her health problems, she was not able to help with any of the stocking or other activities that the club did, so when she heard that the club was thinking about setting up and doing a web site, she said that she would pay the monthly fee and that would be her way of helping the club.  Alice paid for the very FIRST web site that the club had.

In Honor and Memory of John P. Rhoads III - 12/28/28 - 04/18/15

John P. Rhoads III was born in Avis, PA and lived most of his life almost within sight of Pine Creek.  John was a junior high Earth Science teacher for the Jersey Shore School District for the large majority of his teaching career.  John was also a wrestling, baseball and football coach who had a strong competitive streak that was tempered with the gifts of encouragement and patience that enabled him to build young men up to a long lasting manner.  He had a great patience and a natural ability to reach and teach kids.

A man of few words, and quiet strength, John especially loved Pine Creek and trout fishing.  He taught many former students the important lessons on conservation, an awe of natural science and love of the wild places and their inhabitants.  As a sponsor of the junior high fly tying club he helped many kids tie a fly that later landed their first Pine Creek trout.  He spent many wonderful days with his kids and family castings the shadows and eddies of Pine Creek and its tributary streams.  He was always one of the last on the water, making one more cast before heading home. The story of the black bear who ate his and his sons Jacks lunch on a trip to Cedar Run was a family favorite that never tired of hearing him tell.

John was a man of unshakable faith, he believed in community service and held a strong love of family.  John's ashes are spread on the banks of Little Pine Creek near the junction with Pine Creek, one of his favorite fishing sites.  This dedication is made in honor of John Rhoads and his impact upon the lives of many former students and friends.

The pictures are of one of John's last fishing outings by his son David Rhoads.